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CE Marking

CE Mark 

CE Marking is the symbol as shown below;

CE Mark
CE Mark
  • "CE" is the acronym of French expression "Conformité Européene" which means "European Conformity".
  • CE Marking on an item is a producer's revelation that the item agrees to the important prerequisites of the pertinent European health, safety and environmental protection rule, in accordance to Product Directives.
  • These Product Directives covers the important requirements, performance requirements and Co-ordinated standards to which the products need to conform.
  • Many European standards agencies like; CEN (European Committee for Standardization), CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), etc. specifies the technical conditions or specifications for the reorganization of Co-ordinated Standards.
  • CE Marking on an item shows to administrative or governmental authorities that the item might be legitimately put available in their country.
  • CE Marking on an item guarantees the free trading of the item inside the single market of EFTA and European Union (EU) single market.
  • Because of CE Marking the EEA customs and implementation experts can remove the non-conforming items from the market. Indirectly CE Marking banning the flow of hazardous items in the market.

CE marking principles

  • The CE marking shall be affixed only by the producer or his approved delegate.
  • The CE marking shall be placed only to items to which its fixing is provided for by particular Community co-ordination enactment, and shall not be attached to any other items.
  • By fixing the CE marking, the manufacturing company specifies that they takes concern for the conformity of the product with all appropriate necessities set out in the related Community coordination regulation providing for its fixing.
  • By fixing the CE Marking, the maker demonstrates that he assumes liability for the conformity of the item with every material prerequisite, set out in the significant Community co-ordination enactment needed for its placement.
  • The CE marking verifies the conformity of the product with the applicable requirements of the pertinent Community co-ordination enactment providing for its fixing.
  • The markings on a product which misleads third parties about the importance of the CE marking will be prohibited. If the visibility and meaning of the CE marking are not compromised then the manufacturer can use the other markings.
  • Proper use of CE Marking should be governed by member states and they can punish manufacturers for violations.
CE Mark
CE Mark on Power Supply


We understood that CE Marking banes the flow of hazardous items in the market. It confirms that the product meets all the health, safety and environmental protection rule, in accordance to European Product Directives.


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