Resistor Symbols

Symbols of Resistor

All resistor types have their own resistor symbols and these symbols of resistor are used when we create a circuit diagram. Here in this page we will know about the different standards which are referred for resistor symbols and represent the most popular symbols.

Standards for Resistor Symbols

There are various standards, which explains how the different types of components should be represent. Previously electronics designer are confused because there is no common standard and each country and industry use their own created standard.

To solve this issue, a standard committee has been created which propose a common international standard, IEC 60617. This standard is the international standard to represent electronic symbols. The international standard is worldwide accepted, but some local standard as per application still is in use, for example the ANSI standard is still used in the United States.

Below are some standards which informs about resistor symbols:
  • IEC 60617 (International)
  • ANSI Y32 / IEEE 315 (US)
  • DIN 40900 (Germany)
  • AS 1102 (Australia)
  • IS 2032 (India)

Schematic Symbols

Below are the most common resistor symbols used in electronics schematic design;

Symbols of Resistor


The resistor symbols as per common acceptable standards are meaningful and easily understandable by everyone. In Electronics design these common resistor symbols are widely used.

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